Universal Testing Machine

Mechatronic Engineers’ produce Universal Testing Machines with mainly two mechanisms...

Hardness Testing Machines

We manufacture all types of Hardness Testing Machines suitable for Testing the Hardness ...

Impact Testing Machines
Impact Testing Machines

The pendulum Impact Tester of all the above models are designed for conducting Izod, Charpy test.

Compression Testing Machine
Compression Testing Machine

Mechatronic Engineers’ make electrically operated Digital Compression Testing Machine & Analog hand

Other Testing Machines

Other than Universal, Tensile, Impact, hardness Testing machine our product line-up ...

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MECHATRONIC ENGINEERS is manufacturing all types of Material Testing Machines such as Universal Testing Machine, Tensile Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Spring Testing Machine, Compression Testing Machine and Impact Testing Machine for all types of material. For the last fifteen years, we are working with some reputed & prestigious organizations in India & abroad, Defense Lab / Research Institute, Metallurgical Labs, Engineering Colleges & Steel industries, etc.

Our Products

Universal Testing Machine (Hydraulic Machines)

Universal Testing Machine

(Tension Compression Systems)

Digital Rockwell

Hardness Testing Machines

(Brinell || Vickers || Rockwell)

Impact Testing Machine

Impact  Testing  Machines

(Analog || Digital || ASTM || Motorized)

Digital Compression Testing Machine Electrically Operated

Compression Testing Machines

(Analog || Digital || Computerized)


Other Testing Machines

(Torsion || Fatigue || Chain-Rope || Spring || Broaching)