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Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated

Compression Testing Machine Hand Operated

Analog Compression Testing Machine (Hand Operated)

Mechatronic Engineers’ Mechanical Compression Testing Machine designed for the determination of compressive strength of cement by testing concrete cylinders of diameter 15 cm x 30cm high (6” x 12”) and concrete cube mould of 15cm and 10cm. The machine works on the hydraulic system. Where the pressure is supplied with a hand-operated pressure pump which lifts the hydraulic ram for applying a load to the concrete cylinder or cube under test kept between the two top and bottom platens. The top platen is attached to a lead screw, which has spherical seating for self-alignment and is fitted with a hand wheel for adjustment. The applied load is indicated on the 6” Dia hydraulic gauge which is marked in 1 tone division and is fitted with a maximum red pointer, in addition, to live pointer. A release valve is provided on the hydraulic pump to release the pressure when the specimen breaks.

The entire system is supported on a stout and perfectly balanced steel structure with extra-thick steel plates both at the top and bottom. The machine is nicely painted in hammer tone spray.

Channel type Load Frame: In these load frames “C” channels are used, they are welded at the top as well as the bottom and withstand high loads. A hydraulic jack is fitted at the center of the base of the load frame, over which can be fitted lower platen and spacer block with help of centering pin. A lead screw passes through the top of the frame. To the lower end of this lead, the screw is fixed the upper platen with a spherical seat for self-alignment. The platens are accurately machined, hardened, and polished. The lower platen has concentric grooves to correctly place the specimen.

Model ME-CTM 50 ME-CTM 100 ME-CTM 120
Capacity 50T 100T 120T