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Other Testing Machines

Other than Universal, Tensile, Impact, hardness Testing machine our product line-up has following Testing Machines

  • Broaching Machines (Manual || Automatic)
  • Extensometer (Used with Universal Testing machine for Evolution of 0.2% Proof Stress)
  • Fatigue Testing Machine
  • Horizontal Chain-Rope Testing Machines
  • Spring Testing Machines
  • Torsion Testing Machines

Mechatronic Engineers’ Notch Broaching Machine is suitable for ‘V’ / ‘U’ notch Impact Testing Sample Preparations 


Mechatronic Engineers offers electronic extensometer ME-EE 2 to measure material extension with a resolution of one micron.


Mechatronic Engineers’ Fatigue Testing Machine is used to test the fatigue strength of materials. Zero Human Error, Direct Digital Readout


Horizontal Chain and Rope Tensile Testing Machine is designed to test chains and ropes under tension


Mechatronic Engineers’ Spring Testing Machines is widely used for quick and accurate testing of Springs


Mechatronic Engineers make Digital/Analog Torsion Testing Machines  are Suitable for Torsion and Twist test on various metals