MECHATRONIC ENGINEERS make Motorized Tensile / Universal Testing Machines are Electronic Screw Driven Machines which are manufactured using precision Two Ball Screw /  Two Screw and Two Column Robust Construction with Variable Speed Drive / Servo Drive – Servo Motor

These are high precision high-performance Universal Testing Machines, having maximum force capacity up to 200 kN. With the help of advanced Software and advanced Digital Control System Machine’s Real-Time Test Data (Force (Load), Deflection & Extension} is processed with Excellent Performance, Reliability, Flexibility, and Easy Operation

These Machines are suitable for studying Mechanical behavior, Physical Properties of various materials like all types of Metals, Fabric, Ceramics, Rubbers, Plastics, Special Composites, all types of Cables & Wires. In various Industries for QA / QC Lab, this Machine is a vital requirement

Tensile Testing Machine (Model: ME-TNE)

Mechatronic Engineers make motorized Universal Testing Machine / Tensile Testing Machine Model range ME-TNE is designed for testing various Metals and other Materials under Tension, Compression, Bending, Re-Bending, Transverse and Shear Tests & Hardness Test on metals.

Mainly three Models are available in this Series

ME-TNE-SD: Servo Drive with Servo Drive || Ball Screw Driven || 2 Ball Screws, 2 Columns || Variable Speed 0.01 -250 mm/min || 0.5 – 500 mm/min || Or Any Other Special Test Speed is available on request

ME-TNE-DD: AC Motor with VFD || Acme Screw Driven || Acme Screws, 2 Columns || Variable Speed 10 -250 mm/min Or Any Other Special Test Speed is available on request

ME-TNE: Three Phase Induction Motor || Screw Driven || Single Screw, 2 Columns || Single Speed

We also offer Special Models as per Clients Need